With age, the lips become progressively thinner, losing both fullness and shape. While both the upper and lower lips can be affected, for most people, the thinning is particularly prominent in the upper lip.

At the Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery, we offer in-office lip enhancement treatments to plump lips for a fuller, more youthful appearance. The procedure takes only a few minutes to perform, and requires a topical anesthetic to prevent discomfort from the injection.

Dr Sinha is always fantastic at being precise, conservative, respectful of my budget, and he has such an exacting eye that always impresses me. For example, he balanced my lip filler so my uneven lips were centered over my 4 front teeth. He has also helped me with long term goals to combat aging.






Lip Enhancement

Dr. Sinha often chooses to use Juvéderm® dermal filler for lip enhancement due to its soft, gel consistency and easy flow. Using a fine needle, Juvéderm is injected to a specific depth beneath the skin of the lip. Below the dermis (inner layer of the skin), the dermal filler binds with water and the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the body, resulting in increased volume in the lips.

After the procedure, very little, if any, recovery time is needed. Patients may experience some swelling, redness and numbness, but generally only for about 24 hours. Most patients can immediately return to their normal routine following the procedure.

While Juvéderm® lip enhancement is a temporary treatment, it’s extremely safe and effective, enhancing lip size for an average of about one year.

Lip Reduction

Lip reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of excessively large, protruding or otherwise prominent lips by removing portions of lip tissue.

A lip reduction is an outpatient procedure, performed under a local anesthetic, that lasts about an hour. During the surgery, Dr. Sinha makes an incision on the inside of the mouth running the length of the lip. A strip of excess tissue is removed from one or both lips, and then the incisions are closed with sutures. The scars following lip reduction are usually not visible, since the incisions are within the upper inner portion of the lips.

After lip reduction surgery, pain is moderate and easily controlled with a mild analgesic such as Tylenol. However, the lips will be swollen for two to four days following surgery, and may be bruised for about two weeks. Most patients can return to normal activity between two days to one week following the procedure. After six weeks, a definite result is visible.

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